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Weekends are not the time to go play at Don Pedro

By: Ron Wilson

July 22, 2015.... Fishing Guide Gary Vella and I fished Lake Don Pedro recently with success! We launched a little before safe light and headed out toward Jenkins Hill. When we came over the old dam we saw that it was just 20 feet below the surface where we crossed it.

We arrived out in front of Jenkins and set up. Gary would drag shad at 100 feet for salmon and I would troll my Excel Lures for trout.
It was not long before my old faithful blue-silver Excel had a fish on. It turned out to be a salmon at 30 feet that was up eating shad out of the shallow bait balls that were in the area.
We continued circling around the area over the old river channels finding lots of shad balls and picking up an occasional salmon. When fish number 3 hit my lure I looked at Gary and said itís the ball trolls that are bring the fish to my lure. We trolled around for another hour and we had a limit of salmon in the boat.
Gary wanted to see what Moccasin looked like so we pulled up and headed upriver. We trolled from Six Bit to the bridge and just caught one salmon.
We never caught a trout or Kokanee all day. The depth finder said they were down there but they did not like what we were trying to catch them with!
We headed in at 11 a.m. and as we got to the Fleming Meadows boat ramp Gary said look at all the vehicles parked on the ramp. I informed him the long line was people trying to launch there boats.
I walked up the hill and got in line and an hour later Gary loaded the boat on the trailer. First trip to Pedro this year and I will never go back on a weekend this year! After all was said and done it was still a good day on the water.

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