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Grandsonís Birthday Present Was A Waterfowl Hunt In Canada

By Ron Wilson

Wilson family on second days hunt with
Mike Monschein looking on!

September 17, 2015.... After having been on a waterfowl hunting trip to Canada I just had to arrange one for my grandson so he could experience something he loves!
Mike Monschein of Oakdale, Brett Boetto of Waterford, Jim Fernandes of Oakdale, Don Wilson and son Derick of Waterford and I recently spent 5 days hunting in Canada with Take Em Outfitters.
Waterfowl Guide Bart Higgs picked us up at the Gold Eagle Lodge in Saskatchewanís North Battlefords at 4 a.m. and we headed to an area Bart had picked out for our first days hunt.
The blinds were set up and decoys put out well before daylight and we could hear geese and ducks cruising around. This year something new was added in the morningís darkness the highball call of hen mallards. Last year they never made a highball sound.

Grandpa holding Derick's first snow goose
while he holds his first blue goose

Daylight came and the ducks started coming into the spread of decoys and dying. The honkers started decoying into the spread feet down also in the spitting rain. Nothing like getting a flock of honkers within 15 yards feet down and yelling TAKE ĎEm and watching it rain huge birds. Donít get me wrong I like to shoot and rain ducks also but honkers in close just gets me more excited!
The shooting was hot and heavy until 11 a.m. when we quit shooting for the day after downing 48 honkers and a pile of mallards and sprig.
The next day the honkers, snows and ducks co-operated and by 11 a.m. we had limits of ducks and geese and 20 snows. It was Derickís birthday and he celebrated his day by killing his first snow goose and first blue goose. My grandson had a smile from ear to ear making the money I spent well worthwhile. The hole group was smiling and taking pictures of our harvest.
Wednesday was a slow day as we knocked down 15 honkers and 48 ducks by 10 a.m. The boys wanted to go visit Calgary so we called it an early day.

Wilson family with duck limits

Thursday we were to set up for snows and when we got to the area the birds were still there roosting and they left

 the area not to return. The group figured it was a busted hunting day as the snows do the same to us in California. Jump them in the morning and they never return until dark. We scratched a few ducks and several honkers and left by 10 a.m. so we could have an afternoon duck hunt.

That evening we set up on a pond putting out a half dozen duck decoy floaters and setting up duck and geese decoys in the field near the pond we were hunting. Once we got the robo duck set up in the right spot we killed all our ducks so they fell on land, except one which my grandson splashed in the water.
They donít hunt ducks in the water there but there is duck hunting to be had in the ponds in Canada as good as anyplace I have hunted. If you are an avid duck hunting, have the guides set you up close to the water and you can kill a limit of ducks and some geese also.
Friday waterfowl guide Bart Higgs set us up in an area mainly for honkers. At first light it looked bad, no honkers flying and the ducks were not looking at the spread. The sun started coming up and I asked my son to move the robo duck so the sunís rays bounced off the wings and the ducks started decoying to the spread.
Our group likes action and we like to shoot period. We watched and listened for honkers and when we could not see or hear them the ducks got shot!
We had one group of honker come in and knocked down 9.

Brett Boetto and Jim Fernandes
with limits of ducks

By 10 a.m. we had 48 ducks and 20 honkers and called it a day as the honkers quit flying and it was time for us to hit the road back to California!
This year there was a lot less honkers, specks and snows in the area. I donít know if it was the weather, lack of geese hatched or they had just not came down from the north yet!
I got to spend a great week of waterfowling with friends and family. If you love waterfowling by yourself with friends or family I recommend that you get some cash and spend it! I have never seen a coffin wallet yet at any of the funerals I have attended so you might as well spend it before you go!
Three of the group flew home while 3 drove. I got to see a wolf, deer and elf in Canada as we drove toward the boarder. 
The next morning after leaving Helena, Montana we got to see deer, antelope and a couple herd of elk about 100 miles out from Idaho. The scenery and wildlife is something you canít from a plane.
For more information about waterfowl hunting in Canada call Ron Lara at Western Wildlife Adventures, L.L.C.1-866-748-1277 or 1-408-891-4928.

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