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By: Ron Wilson 

Showing off my 7 Honkers

October 30, 2015.... I have been so busy lately that I have just plain forgot about writing about all the exciting trips I have been on these last couple months for the website, so here goes!

After my return from Canada  I got busy pouring weights and painting decoys getting ready for hunting season here in California.

Snuck in a weekend in Half Moon Bay salmon fishing with Mark Seaters and we caught a 15, 18 and 20 pounder. Then did some rock fishing also where Mark slayed the lingcod.
The next thing I know it was time to hunt the early honker season and boy was it a barn burner. On the opening day my son Donald. Art Edwards, Mark Seaters and I knocked down over 30 honkers, but well short of our 40 bird limit.

Joe with 3 geese and 2 ducks

There is nothing more exciting than having these large majestic birds coming into your decoy spread feet down.
The next day Joel Edwards, Mark and I were back at it landing honkers within 10 yards of the blind or 20 yards in the water and swimming in to rest by the honker decoys before we jumped them!. Talk about excitement it just donít get much better than that!
Then it was off to Wyoming to hunt for mule deer.
We drove all night and got to the property before daylight. Heading to the back of the property and took a short nap before daylight. Daylight came and Donald got out to water the bushes and came back to the truck grabbing his gun and saying there is a nice buck right there on the hill!
Donald laid the gun on the hood and took aim, the buck would walk uphill slowly and stop and give him perfect shoulder shots every few yards. I kept still in the truck watching the buck waiting for the report and watching the buck fall.

Mark Seaters and Joel Edwards with 17 honkers

The buck kept on working its way up the hill and as he got near the top Donald put the gun back in the truck saying he was to small. Man if I would of know that I would have been out the truck throwing lead all over the hill. It was a nice tall chocolate horn 4x4 that we had been told about being there. It just so happen to be the biggest buck we would see on the trip.

We drove on around the property and spotted a 4x4 in a bed. We glassed it and the fog rolled in where you could not see anything. Then the fog would clear and then move in again.
The fog finally cleared and we moved in for a closer view. I could not see how big the horns were but they were really shining in the sun now showing on them in his hiding spot in the brush.

Son Donald with nice 4x4 mule deer

I got my 300 Win Mag out and put the scope on him. He was pretty and I decided to give it a try, I put the cross hairs on the deer and pulled the trigger. The deer disappeared but the forked horn buck standing nearby just stood there.
Donald went up to check and sure enough it was a kill shot right threw the heart. Not bad for a 300 yard plus shot. I guess I squeezed the trigger just right.
The next day we got up at the crack of day and headed to the property to find several bucks and doe's getting ready to head up the hill. We drove to the corner and just saw doe's there so we headed on up the hill.
We came over a high knoll and I said there are three bucks down below and the first one is the biggest, a nice 4x4. Donald got out of the truck and put his gun on the hood and the buck took off running. This must have triggered Donald's kill mode as he started firing.
First shot in front, next shot on the nose of the big buck which seemed to speed him up and the 3rd shoot in front again!

Mark Seaters, Art Edwards &
Donald Wilson with 30 plus Honkers

Donald said keep and eye on them as we headed round the mountain. We got as far as we could go about 700 yards Donald got out and laid down as the deer stopped to see what he was doing. His first shot found its mark in the shoulder and the deer started back down hill but laid down.
I could not believe that the other two bucks another 4x4 and a 3x3 started eating grass around the buck as they waited for him to lead them back up the hill. The buck got up and walked another 50 yards closer down hill and laid down and died.
Short and sweet deer hunt and we then got to watch deer and elk for the next two days before my kidneys started acting up and we made a quick drive home for some much needed medicine!
The duck opener was just so so as the boys at the reservoir got 3 mallards. Mark Seaters and I went honker hunting and knocked down 7 honkers and a lone widgeon that came to the decoys. Great day even though we didnít slay them. We could of killed 4 more but when I asked Mark how many more honkers did he want to clean we called it an early day!

Mark Seaters with a pair of nice ling cod

Thursday the wind came up at the reservoir and there were lots of ducks flying. Three mallards decoyed and 2 hit the water but it was early and one got away. Singles, doubles and flocks came by and we unloaded not killing anything! I hate the wind. A flock of honkers decoyed and hunting partner Joe Ryan killed two while I shot 3 perfect holes in the shy. We had 3 honkers fall but only picked up 2.
Got in the blind and 2 widgeon tried to lite in Joes end and we killed one with the only shot he had in his gun while I just had a empty gun. One of those days for me.
Had a lone snow goose work the spread and he decoyed beautifully. I said kill him and fired a single shot and it fell. Well I know I killed a bird anyway. We had 3 specks work us for 20 minutes but they would not commit and that was the end of the flight. We called it a day at 10 before the 25 mile and hour gusts come in!
It is sure nice to be retired and worth every minute I spent making the money then so that I can spend it now! Glad I am able to live the good life right now. Set your goals and then go do them.

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