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Dunsmuir Big Fish Program

Elbow room and plenty of fish on Upper Sacramento River

No traffic on 1-5 and no fishing traffic on the water

Now that the kids are back in school and the crowds are elsewhere, the river is full of fish and not fishermen. 

It’s wade able, crystal clear and cold as the days shorten and the weather turns temperate.  The trophy trout, planted by the City of Dunsmuir, find pockets in the deep cuts to spend their last days of summer. 

Contrary to common perception that the drought has negatively affected fishing this summer, here on the Upper Sac the water levels are good reflecting plenty of cold water.  Whereas the drought has impacted California, this area around Dunsmuir, California, is less so, being 60-80% of normal precipitation. 

Why is this?

The Upper Sac is spring fed from deep below Mt. Shasta with melted glacier water.  It pools into Lake Siskiyou, behind the city of Mt. Shasta, where it is held by 209-feet deep Box Canyon Dam which produces 5.5 megawatts.  The river emerges as a freestone stream with boulders which create pockets for the fish to thrive in well oxygenated holding water.

Brad Moresi, local fisherman extraordinaire, says, “Are you tired of combat fishing, having your line crossed?  Would you like some elbow room and wade some crystal clear glacier fed spring water?  The DFW and City of Dunsmuir have the Upper Sac stocked full of large beautiful rainbows.”

There is easy river access and parking for the public at the Dunsmuir City Park and Tauhindauli Park.  Other locations are near the numerous bridges at Scarlett Way, River, Butterfly, Shearer and Financial Avenues and on down to Sweetbriar.  Most businesses have free fishing maps for visitors.  Visitors can rent or purchase gear and hire guides for instruction.  Everything is here for a quality experience learning about fishing on the Upper Sac, including fresh air with no smoke.

Bob Grace, proprietor of the iconic Ted Fay Fly Shop says, “Dunsmuir is putting their hard earned dollars into your fun, stocking extra fish so you’ll have a great time visiting in Dunsmuir.”

Visit the Dunsmuir Trophy Trout Facebook page.  You can see what others have caught and add your own trophy selfie to the timeline.

Accommodations and Amenities

Dunsmuir is famous for its restaurants from upscale Mediterranean to California cuisine and on to pizza, burgers, Asian, brew pub and more.  Motels and vacation rentals abound.  Find more information at the Dunsmuir Chamber website.

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