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October 30, 2015.... I have been so busy lately that I have just plain forgot about writing about all the exciting trips I have been on these last couple months for the website, so here goes!

Stream Maps USA Launches August 20
September 6, 2015.... Gogal Publishing Company releases its first two editions of Stream Map USA for iPhone and iPad.

Dunsmuir Big Fish Program
Now that the kids are back in school and the crowds are elsewhere, the river is full of fish and not fishermen.

Weekends are not the time to go play at Don Pedro
July 22, 2015.... Fishing Guide Gary Vella and I fished Lake Don Pedro recently with success!

Fishing Facts needed before U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service acts
May 20, 2015....
Just when the controversy over whether the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service will declare the Clear Lake hitch an endangered species appeared to be subsiding, it reared its head again.

Could Hitch regulations affect the livelihood of Clear Lake Merchants
May 20, 2015.... During the month of May I have spent a couple weeks chasing black bass from one end of Clear Lake to the other.

Clear Lake still has the best bass fishing in California
May 8, 2015.... I recently spent a week fishing at Clear Lake on a full moon and the bed fishing was off the wall. Would you believe that a two day

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