Valley Outdoorsmen Advertising

  • We offer national exposure while maintaining regional news and information that is specific to the Central California valley.

  • Information is continually added and updated inviting visitors to make repeated visits while offering changes that will bring in new traffic.

  • Advertising with Valley Outdoorsmen offers your business or service national exposure at a very reasonable rate.

  • Hunting and fishing is a multi billion dollar industry with several million enthusiast nationwide. Valley Outdoorsmen gives you the opportunity to reach a large segment of the general public. 

  • Banner Ad Sizes

  • We offer 3 fixed banner sizes that continually show your banner Ad.
    468x60 Full Banner

    234x60 Half Banner

    100x120 Block Banner


  • We also offer these same sizes in a rotating banner. Your banner will rotate with a maximum of 5 banners. With up time of 5 seconds per banner your ad would be seen every 20 seconds. Below is an example of a rotating banner ad.


  • Ad Rates

  • Ad rates vary for the page your ad resides. Discounts for multiple pages.

  • Contact us for our cost effective current rates.

  • WebPages

  • Want to advertise with Valley Outdoorsmen but you don't have a webpage. We can build and host your webpage at a reasonable rate.

  • Our per page rate is a one time fee that lasts as long as your an advertiser on Valley Outdoorsmen.

  • Contact us now if you're interested in advertising in the exploding growth of the internet.

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