About Valley Outdoorsmen

Our mission is to offer the outdoorsmen and women of the California Central Valley with a website that is geared towards their needs. This site will offer one stop information on hunting and fishing in the Central Valley as well as offering a launch pad to sites covering all aspects of hunting, fishing and the outdoors. 

Although our main area of focus will be the Central Valley, we will not limit our information to only that. We will offer information and links to cover all of your hunting and fishing needs.

This site is owned and operated by Ron Wilson, of Modesto, CA and Tim Paes, of Turlock, CA.
Ron is a Member of the Outdoor Writers Association of America and Outdoor Writers of California. He retired as an Outdoor columnist from the Modesto Bee Newspaper, where he had written thousands of articles that appeared in print and online from 1986 to 2002. Ron's love of hunting and fishing as well as writing led him to take his career in a new direction and partner with Tim to start this website. Tim has been an outdoor enthusiast all his life, spending much of his youth hunting and fishing. He now spends most of his free time competing as a tournament black bass fisherman. He also brings with him a knowledge of websites and the internet as well as a writer of several articles that have appeared online and in print.

With the growth of the internet, we envision a time where reading the news online will become mainstream. Our goal is to be there when that happens. We plan to offer you news that is both insightful and educating as well as stories that inform and entertain you.

As an outdoor writer, Ron spent several years building contacts around the country. With this knowledge base and our continual scanning of the information super highway, you will benefit from a website that is continually adding information and news.


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